The Farmers

Michael founded Chubby Bunny Farm in fall of 2014, after a year long internship at Cloud Mountain Farm Center.  With a head full of ideas, and a wheel barrow full of fall pumpkins, the farm sprang into existance.

Originally from Ohio, Michael first studied business at Bowling Green State University and travelled before settling on Washington as his home.  Despite an early career in business management farming was always in his blood and called to him.  Like generations before him, he took up the metaphorical plow (as most work is done with discs and tillage).

Entering his 6th season of farming, Michael continues to be the jack of all trades, and inventor of exciting (if not always successful) farm plans.
Melina joined the farm in 2016, excited to learn about food, if not completely sold on the idea of farming with a crazy haired fellow.  But even since her first date with him to drink coffee and look at greenhouses, she has been a part of the adventure.

Melina has spent her whole life working in food systems.  For the past decade she has worked in one capacity or another at food banks to provide nourishment for those who need it most.  It was volunteering at a food bank that she and Michael met, and their mutual love of serving fed a relationship which grew into a farming partnership.

Entering her 4th season of farming, Melina is most excited for the continued growth of animals on the farm, and the new fruit production for 2019.
Leo Bartholomew Deitering has been the mascot of the farm since the beginning.  Always ready to alert farmers of a loose rabbit or the UPS man, the farm would be a much quieter place without his presence.  Yet regardless of the weather, Leo is ready to be outside, and demonstrates the joy of the farm each day.

Originally a pound puppy Leo was adopted from N.O.A.H. in 2013.  Little did he or his companion Michael (for Leo is owned by no man) realize that only 2 exits away was his eventual farm home.  Well trained in chasing down errant rabbits, Leo understands that the security of these small animals are his responsibliity.

Entering his 6th season of farming, Leo is looking forward to finally having a perimeter fence so he can patrol acres of the farm off leash!