Their Mission

To be the forum where businesses come together to transform and model a vibrant local economy built on sustainable practices.
We affirm and promote our mission through these Guiding Principles:
o   WE CULTIVATE RELATIONSHIPS with people and organizations to create and spread solutions. We strive to work in an open, respectful, non-partisan way that meets people where they are, builds trust and has meaningful impact.
o   WE SEEK CREATIVE SOLUTIONS that are place-based, practical and help us spring into action. We think and plan, try it out, learn from the experience, apply fixes, try it out again and the cycle continues.
o   WE STRIVE FOR CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT as we adapt to changing community needs and preferences, markets, regulations, and the environment. We measure and evaluate our activities against our goals consistently.
o   WE FOCUS ON THE POSITIVE in our work and communications to engage and inspire people. We promote what we stand for over what we are against.
o   WE HAVE FUN because although our work may sometimes be challenging, keeping a sense of humor and enjoying the experience is critical for success. We are always aiming to “make it a better party!”