From the start, Chubby Bunny Farm had a focus on the social
responsibility of the small farm.  Indeed, one of the goals for many
small farms across the United States is to feed a neighbor, and not
simply participate in a global exchange.  Here in Western Washington
there are many different organizations which work to feed a neighbor,
and we are proud to partner with many of them.  We have been blessed
with strong and able bodies, and so have devoted much of our time and
effort to ensuring all of our neighbors are able to have access to
healthy, local food.  We are proud to live in a strong community which
we support, and in turn supports our efforts on the farm.

      Our Vision Statement,
"Family focused farm, devoted to increasing food access and raising sustainable protien."

Since Chubby Bunny Farm's Inception:

  • Employees have donated 800 volunteer hours
  • Given over 1,000 lbs of veggies
  • Coordinated with 7 different organizations to increase food access
  • Initiated Farmer to Institution collaborations at 4 separate locations