Chubby Bunny Farm is located in Whatcom County, one of our favorite places in the world to grow. The soil is ideal for a diverse selection of fresh vegetables, perfect for our humble farm. Over 50 different varieties of row crops allow us to explore new varieties and find the most flavorful produce from you!  Our favorite vegetables to grow at Chubby Bunny Farm are golden and red beets, luscious basil, and the sweetest kohlrabi you will ever taste!

Stan Lee once said “great produce comes with great responsibility”* and Chubby Bunny Farm believe in its responsibility to our community, the environment, and our consumer. All of our produce is grown organically, and the Farm is committed to supplying those who have food instability. Over 30% of our produce grown will be used to feed those who need it most through foodbanks, and outreach programs.

In addition to growing fresh vegetables, in 2017 we hope to expand our livestock and mushroom production. From Shiitake to rabbit meat, and from Oyster mushrooms to farm fresh duck eggs, Chubby Bunny Farm is focusing on developing a more sustainable farm with very little going to waste. These endeavors will continue to be featured on both our Facebook and on our website, so come back often to see what is new!

Yet no matter how sustainable, how diverse a farm we can create, this enterprise will never succeed without you, our eaters.

Thank you for your time, energy and support!

Michael and Melina

*While we are pretty sure Stan Lee said that, our fact checkers are busy verifying. Legend has it, only later on did the more popular phrase “with great power comes great responsibility” become quoted.