Featured Articles

In the last year Chubby Bunny Farm has been featured in several articles, we look forward to what the next year brings.

“But is it local?” A Farm to Food Bank Partnership

Chubby Bunny Farm is in its first season, growing on two acres in Everson, WA.  The farm specializes in salad greens, and Michael is also experimenting with a variety of row crops such as brassicas, which perform well in our climate. Items our Home Delivery customers can expect to see this fall include broccoli, spinach, kohlrabi, beets, and cabbage.


Additionally Michael contracts with Bellingham Food Bank as one of our Seed Money farmers, growing specific crops for our food bank families. And he routinely donates produce from his farm to BFB, as well as somehow manages to squeeze in time to volunteer here weekly.

Producer Spotlight

When asked, Michael tells me that Chubby Bunny Farm grows primarily mixed vegetables including basil, tomatoes, and beets at their farm near Everson, Washington. He also explains as the Founder and Top Bean at Chubby Bunny, that the farm began in the fall of 2014, as his agricultural internship was winding down.