Thank you for your interest in purchasing great produce grown locally.
We hope you’ll join us during in 2019 and enjoy our farm’s by being a member of our CSA.

Our mission is to:
• Grow delicious fruits, vegetables, and meat
• Use sustainable methods and holistic techniques to do so
• Treat our customers and supporters with respect and care

How It Works
Buying a share in Chubby Bunny Farm's CSA is much akin to purchasing a meal plan, but from a farm down the street! As a share member you become a part of our farm community. Your payment at the beginning of the season allows the farm to build necessary structures and grow a variety of delicious, fresh produce.

Once the season starts, simply pick up your share at the Arlington Farmer's Market or the farm, and enjoy! If you are not able to pick up your share, you may designate someone to pick it up for you, or donate it to the local food bank. 

 How To Sign Up For Our CSA:
• Select your package:  We offer 2 different packages, depending on your produce needs.  A family share allows for the best value, with 15 weeks of produce and flowers from Arugula in the Spring, to Winter Squash in the fall.  Each box will contain 8-14 different items, depending on the time of year.  A sampler share will cover the same seasons, but be a little lighter on produce.  There is nothing worse than a wasted turnip!

• Payment: Fill out the form below via PayPal (no PayPal account needed, as debit and credit cards accepted), and click submit.  Within 48 hours you will receive a confirmation email from the farm, ensuring that your spot in our CSA has been reserved.  You may sign up for either a family or starter share to join our CSA.  Each one is priced to reflect the total value of the boxes
Sign Up and Get More!

Early shares get a free bonus box at the Arlington Farmer's Market Mother's Day event on May 8th! 

All family shares are invited out for pumpkin day at the farm after the season ends.

As CSA members, you get first access to box quantities of tomatoes, cucumbers and more.

2 Great ways to recieve your produce!

Pick up Saturdays at the Arlington Farmer's Market

Come enjoy the farmer's market atmosphere and view all of our delicious produce

Pick up Sundays at the farm itself! 

Come out to the farm, and see how the season progresses!
15 Week Family Share

8 - 12 varities each week
Enough to feed approximately
3-4 people
Cost: $35/week ($525 total)

15 Week Starter Share

5 - 6 varities each week
Enough to feed approximately
1-2 people
Cost: $25/week ($375 total)

Where, How and What We Grow
Located at the end of Grandview Road just north of Arlington, we own 9 acres of mixed farmland, woods and pasture to grow our food.  Although we are in our second season in Arlington, the farm has been growing since 2014, using exclusively organic techniques to grow our vegetables. We use only organic fertilizers and natural pesticides. Our crops are both hybrid and heirloom varieties, with no GMO crops. We use rainwater, groundwater, and drip irrigation to optimize our water usage.  For more information, please check out our "Growing Practices" page.

For a full list of what we grow click here .