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Thank you for your interest in purchasing produce grown locally in beautiful Northwest Washington. We hope you’ll join us on a 3 or 6 month adventure in enjoying our farm’s bounty and become a member of our CSA.

Our mission is to:
• Grow delicious, beautiful, organic vegetables, rabbits, and more
• Use sustainable methods and holistic techniques to do so
• Treat our customers and supporters with respect and care
• Engage with our various community food resources

How It Works
Buying a share in the Chubby Bunny Farm CSA is much akin to purchasing a food. As a share member you become an integral part of our farm community. Your payment(s) at the beginning of the season (or by payment plan) allow the farm to grow and provide a selection of seasonal, delicious, fresh, local, and organic produce. You pick up your share at one of the farmer’s markets that we attend, or our Bellingham dropoff on Illinois St.  If you are not able to pick up your share, you may designate someone to pick it up for their selves or for you. It’s a simple as that!

 How To Sign Up For Our CSA:
• Select your package:  We offer 3 different packages, depending on your preferences.  A full share allows for the best value, with 26 weeks of produce, from Arugula in the Spring, to Winter Squash in the fall.  A spring share is chock full of the freshest spring greens possible.  Early season radishes, carrots, pearl onions, and tomatoes accent this box.  A summer/fall share is bursting with the long season crops, every gardener’s dream.  Heirloom tomatoes, Walla Walla Onions, a multitude of garlics, squashes, and peppers will create a colorful abundance each week.   

• Payment: Fill out the form below via PayPal (no PayPal account needed), and click submit.  Within 48 hours you will receive a confirmation email from the farm, ensuring that you will be set.  You may sign up for either a half or whole season to join our CSA.  Each one is priced to reflect the total value, of the boxes.

Where, How and What We Grow
We have 2 acres in Whatcom County, approximately 12 miles east of Bellingham.  The farm has been growing since 2015, using exclusively organic techniques to grow our vegetables. We use only organic fertilizers and natural pesticides. Our crops are both hybrid and heirloom varieties. We do not grow GMO crops. We use rainwater, groundwater, and drip irrigation to optimize our water usage. See the Crop List at the right of the page of the Signup Form for some of what we’ll be growing this season and some example shares. The shares will vary from these examples.

How Many People Will A Share Feed?
This is a difficult question because every household has different eating habits. A share should be able to meet most of the vegetable needs of one person, a couple or a small family.  Each week we aim to provide approximately $30 worth of produce ensuring that not only is your share the pick of the crop but also a great value as well.