Our Breeds:

After exploring many varieties, the farm has discovered the most robust rabbits come from a strong mixture. Our does are each unique blends of Flemmish Giant, Silver Fox, Californian White, and Giant Chinchillas. This mixture creates a large sized, meaty and hearty breed that does well in our rabbit runs. We believe that the life we give our animals is important, which includes plenty of fresh air and soil under their feet. And yet mother nature is not always gentle, so we choose rabbits that will be perfectly content dozing in the summer heat or bundled up in the snowy winter. Click the picture (left) to learn a bit more about each of the four lines we utilize.
Our Habitat:

In the past 3 years Chubby Bunny Farm has worked to determine an appropriate enclosure for our rabbits. Just as the farmers enjoy a little dirt between our toes, we believe that rabbits on the ground grow to be healthier and stronger. A stronger rabbit is a more flavorful rabbit, and one we can enjoy from life to death. With a generous grant from the Bellingham Food Coop's Farm Fund, we have been able to explore a variety of runs for our rabbits. Each run contains 1-2 does during breeding time, with 1-2 litters. As opposed to the incredibly dense chicken factories, our rabbits enjoy more space than many "cage free" chickens do.
Our Feed:

When the farm began to focus on our rabbit production, we decided that the enterprise must accomplish 3 things: Reduce our carbon footprint Increase economic and environmental sustainability Allow us as farmers to believe in our rabbitry With these three goals in mind, the direction of our feed plan is obvious. Chubby Bunny Farm utilizes foraged plants such as invasive blackberry and sustainable douglas fir, crop waste from our vegetable production, and specific grown crops such as mangles and overwintering cabbages to sustain our rabbits. As of April 2016, the farm has been pellet free and proud! This requires a bit more time and energy than simple pellets and water, but through our continued efforts we are able to provide a diverse and complete diet for our animals.